Saturday, April 18, 2009

AndreaDesigns Feature!

We are back, with another amazing ArtFire artisan. This time we are featuring Andrea from AndreaDesigns. So lets hand over to Andrea and see how she tackles the questions.

1) What do you like to be called? Andrea

2) Were you named after anyone? After my maternal grandmother, in my family we are three Andreas, one born in Peru , South America (that’s me) and two cousins born in Argentina South America.

3) How many birthdays have you had? Many

4) Where in the world are you located, and where would you like to be located? For now we are living in El Paso , Texas and moving to Indiana , I can be located at

5) What defines you as you? I am a positive person, I thing every experience provide us with a teaching in live, things happen for a reason. I believe that only acting with honesty we can be happy and in peace with ourselves. As a Latin person I love music and to dance, and of course I love to knit , also I like to make cards for somebody in the family or for my team members.

6) What was a defining moment of your childhood? (happy/sad) When I was about 11 years old I learned that not always you can get what you want

7) If you could be an animal which animal would you be and why? A tiger because they are powerful and so beautiful,

8) Do you believe in miracles? Yes, indeed I am a truly believer in miracles

9) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I do not

10) Favorite smells? Ocean, lemon, cocoa butter reminds me of the beach

11) What is on your mouse pad? My mouse

12) If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Black, because I can use it to write and to draw

13) Do you still have your tonsils? Yes

14) Do bald men wash their head with soap or shampoo? Probably with soap when they take a shower

15) What is the first thing you notice about people? The colour of their eyes

16) What color pants and shoes are you wearing? Pink

17) Scary movies or happy endings? Scary movies

18) When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say? What’s up?

19) Where can people find you and what you do on the internet?

AndreaDesigns on ArtFire

AndreaWagnerDesigns on Etsy

Also, at Indiepublic , American Craft, and

20) What do you want to be known for, both in terms of your ‘art’ and personally? I want to be know as a fair person and I want to everybody to enjoy my product as much I do when I create them and to be famous….

Thank you so much Andrea. I hope the other readers enjoyed this as much as I did.
Now for me to do my spotlight on the fabulous items available in Andrea's ArtFire studio.

So we are at the end of another ArtFire Artisan feature. Stay tuned for the next feature, coming soon.

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