Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo A Day August Days 29 - 31

Here we are at the end... of August. Here are the last three photos for the Photo A Day challenge from FatMumSlim.

Day 29 - Down. This is one of my sons. He, like me, suffers from depression.

Day 30 - Card. These are actually my file cards that I use to record the materials used in my creations. Had a bit of fun with this one in Picasa.

Day 31 - Hidden. Somewhere under here is a chair!

This has been a really great creative journey, and I'm really glad I stuck it out. If you are interested in joining in for September you can find all the info here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo A Day August - Days 24 to 28

We are nearing the end of August and for the first time ever with one of these challenges I have managed to actually keep up with it. I am so proud of myself! Considering how sick I have been this past month, and all the offline stuff I have been contending with, this is really quite amazing.

I am already on board for next months challenge by FatMumSlim, but before we get there.. the penultimate August selection.

Day 24 - Path. This is right outside our place.. yes we need to mow the lawn!

Day 25 - Fresh. Fresh coffee, mmmmmmmm

Day 26 - Dream. Just a little pencil scrawl with a bit of Picasa artistry.

Day 27 - Tap. A bit of Cross Process in Picasa (to hide any icky bits that might have been on my sink!)

Day 28 - Clock. This ended up way artier than intended after I had to crop some 'stuff' out! LOL

Only three days left! Join me next time for the wrap up of August.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo A Day August - Days 17-23

Ooops.. a few more days than I intended! My only excuse is having a hectic offline schedule.. how is it that I am more busy now that my kids are older than I ever was when they were actually reliant on me for their every need?

Anyway, I have been keeping up with the Photo A Day challenge by FatMumSlim and I have been impressed with some of the photos I've managed to produce (with the help of Picasa at times).

So here we go!

Day 17 - Faces. Five of my gorgeous Monster High girls.

Day 18 - Inside. Really love how this shot came out.

Day 19 - Hole. I love the colours in this and the composition.

Day 20 - Today. The result of reducing 9 folders of 'stuff' down to 4... progress.

Day 21 - Cool. Nail art that was meant to evoke the feeling of clouds or snow.

Day 22 - Home. That would be my front door and a glimpse of the front hall.

Day 23 - Pair. My two Clawdeen dolls, they make a cute pair.

Just over a week to go of this month. I am certainly considering continuing on with this next month. I think it is a great way to do at least something creative every day.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge - Days 13 - 16

I am back again with another installment of my efforts in FatMumSlim's photo a day challenge for August. I've had an awfully hectic week but have made a special effort to take a photo especially for the challenge each day, even if its the only creative thing I've managed to squeeze into my day.

So let's get to it.

Day 13 - Simple. It was a simple idea (letters out of catalogues) that  got a bit more complicated once I started playing in Picasa!

Day 14 - Arrow. Featuring arrows on one of our moving boxes that is still residing in our garage!

Day 15 - Ready. Yes, its a red E... get it? I know, I'm a smart alec!

Day 16 - Food. A shot of the inside of our pantry.. well, part of it.. it was too big to get in one shot!

So we are half way through the month, what will the second half bring? You will have to stay tuned!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whoops, I did it again!

I completely forgot to blog about my challenges. And the truth of the matter is that I dropped my personal challenge, whilst continuing on with the Photo A Day challenge from FatMumSlim.
It's probably a bit bad of me to drop my own challenge, but in the end I was focussing more on the Photoaday than I was on it anyway.
So here are the last few photos from the Photoaday challenge.

Day 7 - 8 o'clock. I played around a bit with this one in Picasa

Day 8 - Glasses. Interpretation is everything!

Day 9 - Messy. Yes that is my work area, yes it really is that messy, no you can't make messy look good!

Day 10 - Ring. Again this one had attention in Picasa. It was a pretty bad photo taken late in the day when I was in a hurry. This would be the day I finally decided to drop my own challenge (not that I made the previous days fit my challenge).

 Day 11 - Purple. Ah, an idea made just for me! A lovely purple, sparkly, ombre manicure. Not that I needed a reason to redo my nails, but I'll take any excuse!

Day 12 - Spoon. Again its all in the interpretation. I could have taken a picture of cutlery, but that isn't nearly as much fun!

So I may not have stuck to my original plan at the start of the month, but I am really enjoying the Photo a day challenge!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo A Day and Personal Challenge - A, V and Q

I am back again with the next three days of my personal 26 day challenge and the Photo A Day challenge initiated by FatMumSlim.

Day 4, Somewhere you sat and the Letter A (for angle). This is the corner of the chair I sit on every day in front of the computer.

Day 5, Logo and the Letter V (for vanity). Obviously this is my logo, which is a bit vain of me, but what else would I have chosen? XD

Day 6, Writing and the Letter Q (for question). I had a bit of fun playing with my cool macro lens from LittleBigShot and a 60's effect in Picasa.

The next three letters for my personal challenge are B, L and S.
Join me in three days to see what I come up with.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Personal Challenge - G, P and J

This is my first blog for my personal 26 day challenge. I of course had to make it a bit more challenging so I'm combining it with FatMumSlim's monthly Photo A Day challenge.
If you remember from my last post I picked 3 letters to start off with and I have used them to give an extra angle to the Photo A Day list.
And here are my photos.

Day 1 - Letter: G, Photoadayaug: Outside = Galaxy nails, can't get much more 'outside' than that!

 Day 2 - Letter: P, Photoadayaug: One = One eye of our one Pet, Tilly (she's a miniature fox terrier if you were wondering)

 Day 3 = Letter: J, Photoadayaug: Coin = 1913 Coin from Jersey (as in the one off the coast of Normandy)

I have to say I am really enjoying doing this. I don't seem to be accomplishing much else, but this is really quite fun.

My next three letters are A, Q and V. I'd love to hear your feedback or for you to join me and have a bit of fun as well. See you in few days.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

26 Day Challenge - Day 1

Today is day one of my 26 day Alphabet challenge. As usual I am behind the eight-ball and totally not prepared!
Nevertheless I will soldier on.

I have decided to pick the letters a few days in advance and allow a bit of room to move so to speak.

So the first three letters are G, J and P. If you are joining me, feel free to use the letters in any order you like, and do them all in blog if you find it hard to blog every day.

I am currently working on my G. So keep a look out for that!