Sunday, August 21, 2011

Handcrafted Everyone

The handmade artisan from the Handmade Artists' Forum that I am going to feature today I have featured in the past, TRusk4U.
I always enjoy revisiting past featured artisans, it is interesting to see how things have progressed for them, what new creations they have.
Since I last visited Teresa she has introduced some new lines to her online stores. Not only does she have her outstanding jewellery creations, she now has hand turned pens, keyrings and shaving sets in her HAF shop.

You will see some great new pieces on her Etsy as well.

Teresa also has a great blog, and you can 'like' her on her Facebook fanpage as well!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ambience and Aroma

This week I am revisiting an online vendor I have shared with a couple of times in the past. Because I have shared them before I thought I would focus on just one area for this post.
The handmade vendor I am referring to is Reef Botanicals, which is the baby of Larissa and Eric. Larissa is very active on the Handmade Artists' Forum, as well as being very active offline as well in her job as a lawyer.
Reef Botanicals brings you wonderful handmade bath and beauty products, such as soaps and scrubs. In this post though I am going to be looking at one of their newer lines.. candles.
There is something about candles, with their soft flickering light, that lends a lovely ambience to any room. When you add to this an amazing fragrance you create an inviting and enjoyable environment. Reef Botanicals create candles with sensational fragrances designed to create specific moods.

Home for the Holidays - evokes memories of pine trees, cookies and candy canes with their amazing fragrance and their rustic red and green colour.

Autumn Harvest - Apples, pears, plums, nuts and cinnamon... the wonderful scents of an abundant harvest come together in these gorgeous mottled red candles.

Chocolate Decadence - The mouthwatering scent of chocolate fudge, with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut, evocative of warm brownies... only you can't eat it!

This is just a small sample of the wonderful candles available at Reef Botanicals. I'd show you more, but then you'd have less reason to wander around their online stores yourself ;)

You can find Reef Botanicals on the Handmade Artists' Shop, as well as their own website. Larissa also maintains a great blog.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hope for the Future

I am back to introduce you all to a wonderful handmade artisan, Lisa, the creativity behind Speranza Jewelry. Speranza means hope in Italian, and Lisa feels that jewellery gives us hope for the future.
When she is not creating she is immersed in the hurdy gurdy that is Washington, D.C, with its constant political rhetoric. She works for a Television News agency, so you can imagine the pressure she faces. So to relax and recharge she communes with wire and gems to produce beautiful jewellery creations.
In this post I am going to focus on her earrings, I have a thing for earrings.

Something for everyone and any occasion!
So where can you find Speranza Jewelry? Well, she has shops on ArtFire and Etsy, as well as a fabulous blog. Take a look yourself and be impressed!