Sunday, August 21, 2011

Handcrafted Everyone

The handmade artisan from the Handmade Artists' Forum that I am going to feature today I have featured in the past, TRusk4U.
I always enjoy revisiting past featured artisans, it is interesting to see how things have progressed for them, what new creations they have.
Since I last visited Teresa she has introduced some new lines to her online stores. Not only does she have her outstanding jewellery creations, she now has hand turned pens, keyrings and shaving sets in her HAF shop.

You will see some great new pieces on her Etsy as well.

Teresa also has a great blog, and you can 'like' her on her Facebook fanpage as well!


TamsJewelry said...

She is an AMAZING women! Nice post!

trusk4u said...

Thank you so much!