Thursday, September 30, 2010

March to the Masquerade!

12 months ago the Polymer Clay Smooshers held a very successful Masquerade Ball, where participants entered wonderful masks created using Polymer Clay. It was a fabulous event, held over the course of most of October 2009. The range of masks was magnificent, as these images show...

Well, this year the Masquerade Ball is on again! It begins October 1st and is sure to including lots more wonderful masks. Even better, if you come along and check out the Polymer Clay Smooshers blog and leave a comment on Masquerade Ball posts you could score yourself a gorgeous Polymer Clay prize!
So come by the Polymer Clay Smooshers blog, follow along and enjoy the Masquerade Ball along with us.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Opportunity has Knocked!

When Opportunity Knocks you should answer... and in this case you should sprint to the door and fling it open!

That's right..there is a fabulous opportunity waiting for Handmade Artisans care of the fabulous folk at ArtFire.

ArtFire are offering a fantastic group deal that could give YOU the opportunity to have a fully featured Pro Studio on ArtFire for just $5.95USD a month! That works out at around 20 cents a day!

A Pro Studio on ArtFire will give you access to the best seller tools on the internet, including a Global Editor and a Coupon Code generator.

In order for this fabulous group deal to go ahead a minimum of 20,000 sellers need to sign up for it, and once the number signed up hits 50,000 that will be more at $5.95. From then on, Pro Studios will be $15.95 a you really want to miss out on this?

If you already have a Pro Studio on ArtFire you can still sign up for the deal, and when it goes live you too will be paying only $5.95USD a month. If you prepaid your ArtFire studio in the Pro500 deal you can still sign up for this deal, and when your subscription is up you will be moved onto the $5.95USD rate! If you have a basic account, sign up for the deal and when it goes live you will be a fully featured Pro Studio for only $5.95USD a month.

So, are you interested? Sounds fantastic doesnt it? Well that's because it is! And I can tell you that ArtFire wants this deal to go ahead, you would be loopy to ignore the knock!

Come to ArtFire, check out the information page for the group deal, sign up and join the best online Handmade selling site, with the best seller tools. This opportunity is not going to knock again!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gorgeous Gifts with a dash of Ginger

This week is the last week of the Polymer Clay Smoosher's Blogring. Our final featured Smoosher is Gingerbell's. Ginger, the talent behind Gingerbell's, makes some really amazing creations and not just with polymer clay.

Her ArtFire studio also has handmade soaps, candles and beadwork creations. She also combines her polymer clay creations with beadwork to make some awesome pieces of jewellery.

Ginger also has a lovely blog where she promotes others and talks about her creative journey.

Check out Gingerbell's for awesome handmade gifts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Polymer Playground

It is time for another Polymer Clay Smoosher's blogring featured Smoosher. This week it is Elaine from TooAquarius.

Elaine has a wonderful way with polymer clay, especially when it comes to making canes, and using those canes to make fantastic beads.

One of the things I have noticed is that Elaine makes fantastic pillow beads. I have struggled quite a bit with making them, so I admire those who seem to make them so effortlessly.

Elaine sells her beads through several online stores, including ArtFire, and she also sells her canes, which I think is fabulous. She puts a great amount of detail into her canes and I reckon they would be wonderful to use.

She also has a really good blog where she promotes other artisans and invites us to peak inside her world well.