Thursday, September 30, 2010

March to the Masquerade!

12 months ago the Polymer Clay Smooshers held a very successful Masquerade Ball, where participants entered wonderful masks created using Polymer Clay. It was a fabulous event, held over the course of most of October 2009. The range of masks was magnificent, as these images show...

Well, this year the Masquerade Ball is on again! It begins October 1st and is sure to including lots more wonderful masks. Even better, if you come along and check out the Polymer Clay Smooshers blog and leave a comment on Masquerade Ball posts you could score yourself a gorgeous Polymer Clay prize!
So come by the Polymer Clay Smooshers blog, follow along and enjoy the Masquerade Ball along with us.

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Deb @ Crysallis said...

These are magnificent!!!!