Saturday, October 9, 2010


ArtFire has this great feature where members can make a collection of items that they like and share them. These collections can be used for self promotion, promoting just one studio or promoting up to 12 studios (with 4 reserves).
I am lucky enough to be included in collections created by others on a fairly regular basis and I was thinking I should really share them and thank those that took the time to feature me. So I went to look at the ones that Im in for October so far and I found 8 that I am in with just Haffina Creations, and I know that BeadsByHaffina and Haffina's Minis have both been in at least one collection as well.
That really is quite amazing and flattering, and I really do want to thank all those who have liked my things enough to include them in their collections.
Here are the collections that HaffinaCreations is in so far for October.

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