Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Instinctively Animal

A new blogring has begun for us Polymer Clay Smooshers. This time around there will be a theme every week, which is open to the interpretation of the blogger. This week the theme is 'Animal Instinct'.
Now I've been around reading some of the blogs people have written so far and the thing I am struck with is how many of them deal with furry animals. There is no problem with this, I like furry animals..especially when they are just images on a computer screen. See, I'm allergic to pretty much any animal with fur, be that a cat, dog, mouse, horse or rabbit. Animals with feathers don't sit well with me either, cos they make me sneeze as well.
So here I am, faced with blogging about animal instincts, my head filled with images of furry cuteness and I am thinking 'I need to write about animals that I'm NOT allergic to'.
So that pretty much leaves scales... or shells. I'm not going anywhere near the creepy crawlies, unless its butterflies or dragonflies or ladybugs.
Then it occurred to me that I have an 'animal instinct' association that I can blog about.


I love fish! I'm a Pisces, I learnt to swim when I literally jumped in the deep end of a pool, I used to be a competitive swimmer and I have always felt a 'kinship' with fish. I also do not really like to eat fish, I don't mind shellfish, like prawns and lobster, but I really do not like eating fish that look like fish. I can remember having some massive barneys with my mum growing up when she wanted me to eat baked Snapper. I'd look into that poor fish's eye and want to cry. These days I only eat Tuna or Salmon and then not very often, and always out of a tin.. it doesn't look like fish then. I know, I'm kinda weird. If you've been reading this blog long you will have already worked that out!

So with fish in mind I went for a little wander amongst the Smoosher Studios. There are lots and lots of new ones, The Smooshers tripled in size recently! On my wander I found some great fishy items! Let's take a look...

Ok, so the last one isn't a fish fish, but he is so darn cute I don't think it matters!
And I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new Smooshers!


Desert Rubble said...

Aw, these are great pieces! I love fish, too. We used to have a pond full of huge koi and tanks full of everything from angelfish to oscars, but now just have one, huge, fat goldfish, but he's a good fish, we love him :)

Dori said...

Great post. All of these sea creatures are adorable!

Dee said...

We had a koi pond when I was growing up too. Watching fish is very peaceful. I love the ones you chose!

coltpixy said...

Love all of these pieces!
You know I love fish. I have 5 freshwater aquariums in my house and a pond outside with 16 inch goldfish in it. They were little ½ inch feeders when I bought them many years ago.

Valldawn said...

Love the fish! :)

imprintcreations said...

Great post! Sorry to hear you're so allergic but fish are great too. I can relate to the fish and eye thing. Don't mind eating fish that doesn't look like a fish but don't even think about serving it up to me whole with it's eyes staring at me!!

Cat said...

Nice post! :-D