Saturday, July 21, 2012

26 Day Challenge

Originally posted to Tumblr
August 1st I start my 26 day challenge and I am inviting everyone who wants to to join me.
26 days sounds like a weird number, but really it isn’t, because it is an Alphabet challenge.

Every day for 26 days I will pick a letter of the alphabet. And then the fun begins…

The challenge is to ‘create’ something that fits the letter of the day. It can be art, or science, or music, or a story, or food… anything! Take a photo, post it to a blog, or twitter, or facebook.. anywhere!  Include a quick blurb and let me know.

There is even a cool sweetener!

If you join in you could win a cool handmade gift from me. It could be jewellery, polymer clay or maybe even a customised doll! Just know that it will be one of a kind, no one else will have anything exactly like it.. and all just because you had a bit of fun.

There is a catch (isn’t there always?!), in order to know the letter of the day you are going to have to follow me :P You can find me all over the place, twitter, facebook, plurk, and of course here on Tumblr.

Join me, have some fun and maybe you might connect with some really interesting and awesome folk!