Saturday, September 4, 2010

Polymer Playground

It is time for another Polymer Clay Smoosher's blogring featured Smoosher. This week it is Elaine from TooAquarius.

Elaine has a wonderful way with polymer clay, especially when it comes to making canes, and using those canes to make fantastic beads.

One of the things I have noticed is that Elaine makes fantastic pillow beads. I have struggled quite a bit with making them, so I admire those who seem to make them so effortlessly.

Elaine sells her beads through several online stores, including ArtFire, and she also sells her canes, which I think is fabulous. She puts a great amount of detail into her canes and I reckon they would be wonderful to use.

She also has a really good blog where she promotes other artisans and invites us to peak inside her world well.


Cat said...

So beautiful work!
Great post!

coltpixy said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Dori said...

Beautiful colors. Great post.

Valerie said...

Her beads are just amazing!