Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hope for the Future

I am back to introduce you all to a wonderful handmade artisan, Lisa, the creativity behind Speranza Jewelry. Speranza means hope in Italian, and Lisa feels that jewellery gives us hope for the future.
When she is not creating she is immersed in the hurdy gurdy that is Washington, D.C, with its constant political rhetoric. She works for a Television News agency, so you can imagine the pressure she faces. So to relax and recharge she communes with wire and gems to produce beautiful jewellery creations.
In this post I am going to focus on her earrings, I have a thing for earrings.

Something for everyone and any occasion!
So where can you find Speranza Jewelry? Well, she has shops on ArtFire and Etsy, as well as a fabulous blog. Take a look yourself and be impressed!


trusk4u said...

I with you on the earring thing! Love them and I really love hers!

TamsJewelry said...

Nice post Love her work!

lilmamad said...

Beautiful selections!

Speranza Jewelry said...

Thank you for your lovely post. I am a huge admirer of your work too.