Friday, August 3, 2012

Personal Challenge - G, P and J

This is my first blog for my personal 26 day challenge. I of course had to make it a bit more challenging so I'm combining it with FatMumSlim's monthly Photo A Day challenge.
If you remember from my last post I picked 3 letters to start off with and I have used them to give an extra angle to the Photo A Day list.
And here are my photos.

Day 1 - Letter: G, Photoadayaug: Outside = Galaxy nails, can't get much more 'outside' than that!

 Day 2 - Letter: P, Photoadayaug: One = One eye of our one Pet, Tilly (she's a miniature fox terrier if you were wondering)

 Day 3 = Letter: J, Photoadayaug: Coin = 1913 Coin from Jersey (as in the one off the coast of Normandy)

I have to say I am really enjoying doing this. I don't seem to be accomplishing much else, but this is really quite fun.

My next three letters are A, Q and V. I'd love to hear your feedback or for you to join me and have a bit of fun as well. See you in few days.

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