Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whoops, I did it again!

I completely forgot to blog about my challenges. And the truth of the matter is that I dropped my personal challenge, whilst continuing on with the Photo A Day challenge from FatMumSlim.
It's probably a bit bad of me to drop my own challenge, but in the end I was focussing more on the Photoaday than I was on it anyway.
So here are the last few photos from the Photoaday challenge.

Day 7 - 8 o'clock. I played around a bit with this one in Picasa

Day 8 - Glasses. Interpretation is everything!

Day 9 - Messy. Yes that is my work area, yes it really is that messy, no you can't make messy look good!

Day 10 - Ring. Again this one had attention in Picasa. It was a pretty bad photo taken late in the day when I was in a hurry. This would be the day I finally decided to drop my own challenge (not that I made the previous days fit my challenge).

 Day 11 - Purple. Ah, an idea made just for me! A lovely purple, sparkly, ombre manicure. Not that I needed a reason to redo my nails, but I'll take any excuse!

Day 12 - Spoon. Again its all in the interpretation. I could have taken a picture of cutlery, but that isn't nearly as much fun!

So I may not have stuck to my original plan at the start of the month, but I am really enjoying the Photo a day challenge!

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lisianblue Kris said...

sometimes you just have to let go of some things - maybe pick it up again later!