Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo A Day and Personal Challenge - A, V and Q

I am back again with the next three days of my personal 26 day challenge and the Photo A Day challenge initiated by FatMumSlim.

Day 4, Somewhere you sat and the Letter A (for angle). This is the corner of the chair I sit on every day in front of the computer.

Day 5, Logo and the Letter V (for vanity). Obviously this is my logo, which is a bit vain of me, but what else would I have chosen? XD

Day 6, Writing and the Letter Q (for question). I had a bit of fun playing with my cool macro lens from LittleBigShot and a 60's effect in Picasa.

The next three letters for my personal challenge are B, L and S.
Join me in three days to see what I come up with.

1 comment:

Deronda ONeill said...

What fun...will watch for the next letters.