Friday, March 23, 2012

Something finally finished

I have to say that I haven't been as active with my creation as I would like to have been this month, especially in light of my March Motivation challenge. Amongst a whole bunch of other things that have occurred I have been diagnosed with PTSD.
I've probably had it for ages, but the pieces just fell into place. I am feeling somewhat out of sync with the world and this is having a flow on effect of muting my muse.
Nevertheless, I have finally completed my first customised doll!

I originally intended making clothes for her, but as this seems to be the major stumbling block to the completion of quite a few other dolls I decided to use clothes I had accumulated in the process of buying lots of dolls and being given dolls.
The top and skirt are from Liv dolls and the leggings are Barbie, as are the shoes. The bracelets and bag are probably Barbie in origin.

The necklace is a micromaille byzantine with a polymer clay bdsm pendant, all made by me.

Her face has been repainted by yours truly and her hair tidied up. The colour is original, and I love it to bits. Her face mold is gorgeous and I would really love to find some more of her.

I gave her a new body, as the original had these really cool green and pink legs, but they didn't really work with her look. She now has a pre-Swapping Styles Fashionista body.

So today we had a bit of a photoshoot, and then I had some fun playing around with the shots. They aren't the best, but we didn't use a proper set up, just a window sill in my living area.

She is so sweet looking, with this dark edge. She was actually inspired by a fellow artisan who has fabulous pink hair and a rocking style.

I've had a lot of fun customising her, and I'm so glad I finally finished something!

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coltpixy said...

She looks fabulous! ♥