Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nearing the Two Week Mark

Nearly two weeks have passed since I started my March Motivation Challenge. Whilst I haven't achieved as much as I would have liked, I have made some headway in a couple of areas.

I have begun repainting six dolls... yes, I said six. There is a really good reason for doing so many at once, especially the shading and detailing parts. Each doll requires only a tiny amount of paint, and it is really hard to mix one doll worth of paint. You also need to allow drying time between the layers of paint. So by doing multiple dolls you can use the paint more effectively and give yourself some drying time.

The current girls on the repaint merry-go-round include one doll that I have repainted multiple times and not been entirely satisfied with. There is also a gorgeous pink haired lass, who is on her way to gothdom. Another doll has revealed an evil side, and is kind of spooky to look at.
So here are the girls

Take into account they have no pupils, nor detailing to their irises. They also all need eyeliner and eyelashes. It always amazes me how they reveal a personality as you begin to paint them, they tell you what they want to become.

If you look in the background of the photo you can see brushes suspended in the air. They are hanging from my new favourite 'tool'. It is a round basin with a wire mesh insert that you put water in, and at the top is a spring type thing that you can push the brushes in to. This is so much better for the bristles of the brushes, and the little wire mesh bit helps you clean the brushes better, and helps to hold an 'bits' down the bottom leaving 'cleaner' water at the top.

It is branded as Montmarte and I picked it up at a bargain shop for less that $10. It really is a cool gadget and it has really helped me a lot.

Hopefully things will now settle in my corner of the world and I can get more creativity underway.

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