Friday, January 1, 2010

A new year, and new shop.

2010 has officially begun!! I am so excited about the possibilities for this year. I have several goals I am working towards, both in terms of my business, but also to do with my creativity, and several of them are very closely connected.. unsurprisingly!
One of the first changes for this year is that I have opened up another online shop front.
The newest addition to the HaffinaCreations family is on the Handmade Artist's Shop. I have been a member of HAF since very early in its life, and have watched it grow in leaps and bounds. I am a proud member of the HAF staff, and when I heard that there were plans to open an online selling site in conjunction with the forum I was very excited. The HAF shop is merely days old, but I am confident that it will grow rapidly under the guidance of our leaders, Andrew and Kimberly.
To any readers who might be interested in setting up a shop there as well there is one thing you will need to do, and that is sign up at the Handmade Artist's Forum and become a subscription member. Subscription costs $5 a month and this is the only cost you will have to pay, no listing fees, no commissions, nothing else. The shopping cart software is incredibly customisable and it would be a fabulous stepping stone for those who are considering opening their own website with shopping cart.
Yes, I have an interest in it growing, like many of my fellow artisans I would like to make regular sales, and the way to do that is to tell people about it.

One of my goals for this year is to make regular sales, preferably in all my shops. I know this is going to take a fair bit of work, including promotion. But I am so excited! One of the things I am looking at doing this year is some tutorials of particular polymer clay techniques, with the aim of listing them for sale in my stores.
One of my other goals is to promote at least one other artisan right here on my blog every week, along with continuing to write for
I wont go in to everything I will be doing this year.. it might make me chicken out LOL! Suffice it to say I will be busy, but in a fabulous kind of way. 2009 was a year of huge growth for me as an individual, and I am hoping for even more in 2010.

So keep an eye out for more promotions, both of fellow artisans, and also my growing 'family' of stores. You can now find me at
HaffinaCreations on ArtFire
BeadsByHaffina on ArtFire
HaffinaAgain on Zibbet
HaffinaAgain on Etsy
HaffinaCreations on Handmade Artists' Shop
And of course at the original HaffinaCreations on Alundra's Conundrum

To all my wonderful online friends, colleagues and fellow artisans.. Thank You for all your support and encouragement in 2009, I wish for the best for all of us for 2010.

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c said...

This sounds really good. Now to find that $5. Good luck with your new shop.