Sunday, January 3, 2010

It just happened.

Today I was sitting at the computer, not really accomplishing much, when I had the overwhelming need to create a Mandala. My mum was just about to put a bug bomb in the garage where all my painting and drawing stuff had been moved due to lack of use. I was going to just search through the boxes for what I needed, but instead I grabbed the boxes and dragged them to my room.
I found a couple of watercolour paper pads, and my very favourite watercolour pencils. Then armed with my requirements, compass and ruler included, I sat down and drew and coloured until I was finished.
It isnt big, or complex... but it is colourful. My mum commented that I hadnt done one in a while, and when I thought about it I realised I hadn't drawn a Mandala since just after my daughter was born.... she turns 3 in few weeks.
So here is today's Mandala
I have had quite a large burst of creativity in the last few days, which will hopefully continue. I'm considering doing a few mandalas and listing them... but I'm not sure yet. It was a fabulous feeling to create a Mandala today and I hope to create more over the next few days. I have them tapping away in my soul.. time to free them.
Edit: I went looking and found a picture of the last Mandala I created.. back in June of 2008.. so not as long ago as I thought..but does seem a lifetime ago. It is symbolic of the changes that having my daughter made in me.
This one is actually painted on a canvas and sits above the fireplace on the mantlepiece.


Cat said...

Beautiful and interesting - I look forward to the next ones you'll create.

Kimberly said...

Must have been the time for it...I had the same nudge but mine is only black and white so far. Too much else going on...Happy New Year to you, Kimberly

coltpixy said...

Now that you are getting into caning I cannot help but wonder if there is not a mandela cane in your future. Or perhaps just a polymer clay mandela.