Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Enveloping Lass

This weeks Inspirational Artisan post is about a wonderful lass I know, Nicky. She is the heart and soul behind Ambient Girl Designs and Ambient Girl Supplies. I asked her the for her 10 most favourite things in the world.. and once again I will let my blog guest answer in their own words.

10: Coffee...without it I would be a total zombie, it gets me up in the morning and I like to relax with a coffee later on in the evening or when I'm working on tweeting, blogs, stuff.

9: Camping: I love love love camping! Once a year we go camping and it's our time to relax, have a drink, make a mess with marshmallows and have fun in the sun. I love being in the outdoors...minus bugs..I'm not a bug fan!

8: Wine... me and wine, we mesh well together! I get a lot of ideas sipping on a glass of wine and brainstorming. For those days when my creativity just needs a boost!

7: Dance: I danced for 24 years of my life, ballet, jazz, tap, Latin American, ballroom and Irish. Dancing has always been a huge part of my life and even now after retiring due to 7 foot fractures I support my fellow dancers. Dancing has always given me that feeling of freedom and nothing can take that away from you.

6: My animals. I had three cats, Gabriel, Kaleb and Smokey. Kaleb passed away at the end of April and it was one of the worst things I have been through. I also have a rescue chameleon named Pandora, she's my beautiful girl! I also have three fish. My cats are my cuddle monkeys (as odd as that sounds) and they follow me around and talk, how cute!

5: Friends: My friends are so important to me. They have been a shoulder to lean on through the hard times and we can share all our secrets, be goofballs and have a laugh.

4: South Africa: I was born and raised in South Africa. Even though it was a dangerous place, most of the best memories of my life took place there. I miss my family terribly and would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

3: Being creative: This is such a huge factor in my life that has helped me in some rough times. I love to craft and try anything new. Right now I'm obsessed with paper even though I Crafts & Design in college with a major in glassblowing and a minor in ceramics! I love getting my hands dirty and I love helping others out.

2: Other artists & crafters. I gain so much inspiration from other people especially artistic people that I can bounce my ideas off of. I have met so many wonderful people in the past year that share my passion and it's an incredible feeling when we can all come together to create something beautiful.

1: My family. I have a wonderful supportive husband and the most beautiful little boy who is so sweet natured. My parents and sister are also amazing people who work hard.

Thank you Nicky! Now I will talk about this wonderful person is an inspiration to me.

Nicky has a medical condition that will only worsen over time, one that causes pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Yet she selflessly gives her time and support to other artisans, as well as running her two Etsy stores. Her most recent gesture to fellow artisans was to open up a Ning called Indie Junction with a friend. They promote the talents of members, regardless of where online they sell.
Nicky is wonderfully talented, as can be seen by her fabulous creations in store at Ambient Girl Designs, and she loves to do custom pieces. She is my Inspiration of the Week, and I hope you will all check out her blog, Ambient Girl Designs, Ambient Girl Supplies and Indie Junction for yourself.

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