Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm still here!

I am still here..I haven't gone anywhere..just seem to be extraordinarily busy! But then who isnt these days!
As you can see from the blog, I have pretty much only been promoting Crazy Train riders and not posting about anything I am doing.
Well, I am rectifying that now.
I have been spending some time getting my creations organised..I'm a little chaotic at the best of times. So I started going through all the things I have made, rephotographing pieces that are already listed, deciding which of the unlisted pieces should be listed and photographing them, and deciding which pieces fall into the 'what the hell was I thinking' pile.. and getting set to dismantle them!
So far I have only done the earrings.. which has meant that oodles of earrings have recently been listed in HaffinaCreations, with more to come! Then I will move on to there should be some new listings there too. Then I will move on to sets and finally I will tackle the necklaces. HaffinaCreations should be brimming with luscious goodies by the time I am finished. You should drop by for a squizz, and feel free to comment on the new photos..or even the old ones!
I had been neglecting BeadsByHaffina a little, but I am working on rectifying that too, with some new listings and some more to if you make jewellery or love buttons you should come by and see whats there. There are over 100 listings in BeadsByHaffina now, with easy navigation via the category selections.
And dont forget there is also HaffinaAgain on Zibbet. Poor shop doesnt get a lot of attention, but it is the home of some incredible one off creations, great for drooling over.
I am always happy to talk to customers or potential customers, and I love to get custom orders. I'm also open to trading with other Artisans.
I will try harder to blog regular about other things, not just promote the fabulous Crazy Train riders.
Oh..and before I go..I am still writing for, with some great tips and tutorials, and an extended series of articles on the wonderful world of polymer clay. I would love for you to come and read some of my articles, vote them up if you like them and feel free to leave me a comment.
Hugs to all.

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