Friday, November 13, 2009

CatsWire and BeadSire!

I was hanging out on Plurk again.. seriously addictive place.. and I was chatting with a couple of fellow artisans. One is an Australian, like me, known as BeadSire. The other is from Germany, known as CatsWire. And I was thinking about doing another Plurkie Promo, and it occurred to me that their names rhymed.. which was amusing to me. So here I am. I pulled together a spotlight from their online stores... but had 9 spots to fill, so I apologise to BeadSire that I only picked 4 of hers.. I had to make a choice..I guess I could have done two spotlights.. but I'm pretty sure they wont mind sharing.

CatsWire has three different online stores, and the pieces I spotlighted of hers are randomly selected from all three of them - CatsWire Etsy, CatsWire ArtFire and CatsWire DaWanda.
Beadsire can be found at BeadSire Etsy.
Both of these wonderful women are extremely talented artisans, and they both love to use wire, but the pieces they make are vastly different and truly unique. They have both also extended the hand of friendship across the internet, and for that I am truly grateful.
By promoting other artisans, especially those who have touched me in some way personally, I hope to show to them how much I value their friendship, support and creative abilities.


Cat said...

Thank you so much! :-D I am always amazed at how far in distance and yet how close people can be, thanks to the internet.

Glasstastic Treasures said...

Beautiful! What a great post! Thanks for sharing Haff :)

Djam said...

Hellooo.. I always check your new creations.. I love to make earrings any beaded accessories..It's my favorite past time also..that it made me as a part time businesswoman..hehehe..

Thanks to internet for this helps me a lot..(",)