Monday, September 24, 2012

Photoaday Sept 13 - 24

Wow, I have been really slack! Well, no, not really... it has been a difficult week for me. My PTSD has been playing merry hell with my brain. Nevertheless I have managed to take a photo for each day, even if it took me a couple of days! Let's get to it!

Day 13 - Table. There is a table there, under all the mess!

Day 14 - Favourite.. as in my favourite colour... purple!

Day 15 - First thing I see... my man.

Day 16 - Strange. This is a Monster High Ghoulia doll that I am turning into an alien. Her eyes are painted black, hence why this shot looks like she has holes in her head.

Day 17 - In my fridge. For some reason my sons insist on putting the Vegemite in the fridge.... *annoyed*

Day 18 - Price. Calfornia 37 album by Train... I would have paid full price. Absolutely LOVE this album.

Day 19 - Underneath. Lots of underneaths.

Day 20 - Man-made. Actually these were woman made... but close enough.

Day 21 - Sometimes.. a glass of water is all you need.

Day 22 - Up. Up above my desk.

Day 23 - Before Bedtime. Most nights I play a little nintendo before I go to sleep. Love my big fat pen stylus.

Day 24 - Three things. Three random items that happened to be sitting together. On another note, today would have been my gpa's 96th birthday. I miss him.

As we near the end of the month, our thoughts turn to next month. FatMumSlim has the list up for October on her site and on facebook, so if you want to join in next month check it out!

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