Monday, October 1, 2012

Photoaday Sept 25 to 30

Another month is behind us, and Christmas is creeping ever closer! Egads!
But before we turn our minds in that direction, let's wrap up the Photoaday challenge for September (created by the wonderful FatMumSlim).

Day 25 - Frame. This is the frame of an enormous mirror my mum has had for years. Gorgeous, and incredibly heavy!

Day 26 - Near. I was playing around with my LittleBigShot macro lens and got this great picture of a tiny little flower bud on a very neglected cactus.

Day 27 - Love/Hate. I bought this new nail polish, very cheap. And there was a reason it was soooo stinks really really really bad! Think of sticking a permanent marker inside up your nose. Horrible horrible horrible. But I love love love the colour!

Day 28 - Errand. Well, it is more my errand list, but close enough. rocks!

Day 29 - A good thing. Yes, I really think it is a good thing.

Day 30 - You, then. This was me back in the day... I'm probably around 2. Not really sure what happened to me!

So September is over. And October has started, along with another Photoaday challenge brought to you by FatMumSlim. Join in, its great fun and it doesn't cost anything!

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