Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree - June 12th 2011

Next Sunday is Father's Day for some of the world (Australia celebrates this in September), so in the spirit of this my Sunday Shopping Spree post (yes, it went on hiatus) is about a Father, who is also an artisan.

Chris Newcomb is a father of three, IT guy and all around nice fellow who happens to work with wood, and polymer clay, and acrylic. I first met Chris via Plurk (yes, it really is evil and addicting) and then he joined the Smooshers. He had begun to combine his scrollsawing skills with polymer clay to create some really unique items. In recent times he has turned to lathing, creating gorgeous pens, nib holders, seam rippers, razors and other items using wood and acrylic.
So let's go window shopping in his studio on ArtFire - C. Newcomb's Woodworking.

You can see lots more at C. Newcomb's Woodworking on ArtFire. And to all the Dads out there - have a great day next Sunday.


coltpixy said...

He does beautiful work!

eaglehawk said...

Thank you for writing about my items. I'm truly surprised to find this post this morning when I woke up. :)