Thursday, June 16, 2011

Listen up Fellas!

This week is Men's Health Week, and this blog post is directed to all the fellows out there, and the people who love them.
One thing I have noticed about males that I know is that they are reluctant to seek help when things aren't 'right'. They have this 'she'll be right mate' attitude to their health. The fact is though, it won't be.. without care and attention.
So from me, a woman, comes these things for you men out there to consider.

1) Beer bellies are not attractive, unless you are Santa Claus. They are also a health issue. The amount of strain all that extra weight places not only on your heart but also on your back. And we all know back pain is well.. a pain.

2) Chest pain is not normal. It may not be a heart attack, but it could indicate some other problems. Do you really want to find out when you end up in hospital? Seriously, go see a doctor.. it is much less painful that way, both to you and your family.

3) Men get depression too. Yes fellas, you can get depression, and you can get it treated. But not if you ignore your feelings. I know, I know, women are always harping about feelings.. but guess what? Men are humans, humans have emotions.. time to accept it. If you are feeling low, sad, or like you do not want to deal with life anymore.. go and see a doctor, a counsellor, someone who can help you. Do not believe you can fix it all yourself, because in all likelihood you can't... no man is an island.

4) Have regular check ups, including the yucky, totally invasive tests. Many 'problems' can be fixed or at least managed effectively IF you get on to them quickly.

5) Do not ignore 'annoying' little issues. Waterworks issues? See a doctor. Impotence? See a doctor. Many times these problems can be fixed quickly and effectively when dealt with promptly. They are not an indicator of weakness, or lack of manliness.

6) If you are diagnosed with a condition, listen to the advice given by medical professionals. If they tell you to lose weight.. there is a reason. If they tell you to alter your diet.. there is a reason. If they tell you to cut back on alcohol.. there is a reason. You may not like the reason, but denial does not make it go away.

7) And lastly, you are loved .. by someone/s. Before you act all macho and deny there is anything wrong, consider those that love you. How are they going to feel if they lose you because of something that could be have been fixed if you hadn't ignored it? Yes, guilt, if that is what it takes.

So please guys, look after yourself and your health.. because we want you around.

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Valldawn said...

Great article, giving to middle brother to read, I'm always on his case he says!!! So will be on his case again! Thanks Haffina.