Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Mutter - June 20

Welcome to a new weekly feature on HaffinaCreations blogspot. I call it the Monday Mutter. Basically this is an open blog post where I can ramble about anything I want to ramble about. Most likely it will be me ranting about something that bugs me! LOL
So let's get to it.

Recently I saw an online seller post that they were 'selling free shipping'. How the heck do you sell something for free? It makes all my spidey senses go completely haywire. So let's get this straight - if it is free you are giving it away, not selling it! To sell something it has to have a cost. Free is not a cost.. it is the absence of a cost.
I also saw someone with a computer program they were giving away for practically free. First of all, it is either free or it isn't. There is no practically free. That would be like being a little bit pregnant (either you are pregnant or you are not pregnant). So if you are giving it away, then it is free, and you wouldn't need to state that it was free. Putting the words 'practically free' would suggest there is in fact a cost, because practically used in this fashion means 'almost, nearly' and there is no 'nearly free'. Either it is free or it isn't. So if there is in fact a cost involved, no matter how small, then you are NOT giving it away!

Ok, so maybe I am super duper picky about language at times, but frankly tactics like these look scammy. They make my scam radar play 'Ode to Joy'. They make me not click your link, no matter what it is you are selling, or giving away. Pity, it might have been something I really needed.

Have a great Monday!

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Valldawn said...

Hahaha love it, so true, bothers me when I see that as well