Monday, February 25, 2013

Plurkie Challenge February

The time has come to share with you all the wonderful creations for the February Plurkie Challenge. We did struggle a little to get entries this month, but with a slight extension we do have entries! So let's get to it.

The theme for February was love, and that means different things to different people.

Here are our entries:

Our first entry is from Rhiannon -

A little Cthulhu holding a heart might not seem like the best representation of love.  A tiny soul-sucking elder who lies dreaming in the abyss isn't very romantic sounding.  Yet, this little chibi creation was created out of love.  My boyfriend of nine years absolutely loves HP Lovecraft and his Cthulhu style creations.  So much that he encouraged me to make a few miniature Cthulhus as holiday gifts.  So was born the Santa Cthulhu.  Then, other friends started to request variations and pretty soon, several little Cthulhus were born. In the midst of that, I created Valentine Cthulhu for my boyfriend.  I took his love of Cthulhu, my love of sculpting and our love together to create this little unworldly creature.  Even sea gods need love. 

Next we have Charlotte -

Over the last 3 months I have been majorly decluttering my home while dealing with social services over my hoarder--like tendencies. During this time my friend Mary has been by my side, emotionally and literally, stepping in where my mother has been unable to because she is half a planet away. Mary has insisted she needs no payment but to know she is helping me get better and to improve the life of my family. We met at our local knitting group but i have been sewing a lot lately and thought i would try my hand at project bags. This fabric with it's cabbages and  roses immediately brought Mary to mind - she is a gardener who loves to make brightly coloured dolls for her friends and extensive family. So while this bag does not scream love in red hearts and sticky chocolates (which Mary is allergic to), it was made with love for a very dear friend.

Next we have Annie -

I made this for my husband :) This is a Dr. Seuss quote and some wedding pictures. It's framed in my house.

And last, but by no means least, we have Jenn aka Haffina (yes me, that's right).

I made this piece with this challenge in mind, hence the little heart detail. I love to make miniature jewellery and I love St Petersburg chain (which is the stitch used). So this is a piece just full of love.

So there we have our entries. There will be a poll up on the right side of the blog for you to vote for your favourite. There will only be a short time to vote, the end of February looms large. So voting will close on my birthday (yes, 28 Feb), but I will aim for a US timeframe :)

Vote and promote, and remember to check back for the results and next month's theme in a few days.