Saturday, January 26, 2013

Plurkie Challenge January

Hey peeps, the time has arrived. The first Plurkie Challenge, with the theme Hope, has reached it's climax and the time for voting is upon us. We have a few entries, not as many as we would have liked, but congratulations and well done to those who were able to be involved.

So let's get to the entries!

First up we have Athena who has penned this great verse:

Next we have Amy who has crocheted this awesome beanie with a great message of hope.
         "I decided to make this hat after hearing the theme Hope because not only was I filling in for a woman at work who was dealing with breast cancer (this hat is for her!) but a close friend who started my Handmade Louisiana team fought breast cancer a few years ago (and won!) and now another handmade mommy friend is currently in treatment. So many women, all over, everywhere. Cancer sucks. So I decided to make this beanie for the co-workers return to soon (this week I'm told!) Women everywhere should have HOPE to beat breast cancer!"

Next up is Teri, who has hand painted this amazing silk scarf.
           "I've named it "Lady Slippers of Hope".  It's a Prayer Shawl that I have painted for my cousin.  Lady Slippers are the state flower, and grow in dark, mossy places.  Little spots of brightness in the dark. They are also rare, like hope can be sometimes, but when it's found, it's a precious gift, to leave in place so others can find it when they need it.  (Okay, actually, it's a crime to pick Lady Slippers, since they are on the endangered plants list....)"

Next up is Katie, who has created gorgeous earrings.
         "Springtime always makes me feel hopeful with the new buds and blooms of color fighting their way through the gloomy end of winter so I made these earrings. I guess they could be called "Garden of Hope""

And lastly, but by no means least, we have Deb with a twist on an established favourite.
           "For over a year, I’ve been making and offering these Post Earrings made with Raw Diamond using wire wrap method that I’ve designed and perfected myself, and they’ve been selling steadily to friends and fans all over the world.  But as the supply cost surged, suppliers dwiddles, materials are getting more and more difficult to work with, and to justify the cost of materials and time, I was on the verge of giving up making these all together!

Until someone asked me to make a few without the use of Raw Diamond....  And these had been extremely well received from the few days that I’ve posted them online! 
So here’s to hoping!  That these new alternative use of materials will open another door and many more possibilities for my shop for the coming year!"

So there we have it! Five great entries from five lovely ladies. Thank you to you all for being involved. A poll will be up on the side of the blog so you can vote for your favourite. The winner will be announced January 30th, along with the theme for February, so stay tuned!

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