Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bring it on!

October's fat lady is out and warming her larynx ready to do her finale and it is time to reflect on a month that promised quite a bit and did a brilliant job of failing to deliver.

My photoaday efforts tanked fairly on in the month and everything else pretty much got sucked down with it. I'm not terribly impressed with myself, but one cannot be perfect all the time! It was a challenging month in other ways which culminating in our 8 person household being floored by a nasty gastro bug over the course of about 5 days. Normally after these types of things people bounce back within a day or two... but not with this one. I can honestly say that 5 days after I was first afflicted I am only just starting to feel 'normal' again. (Normal is a relative term and in no way suggests that I think for one minute that I will ever be conventionally normal...ever.)

So November looms large and brings with it a huge mountain of possibility and opportunity (including opportunity to crash and burn in spectacular fashion).

For the first time ever (how is this possible?) I am attempting NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writer's Month for those not in the know. It is a yearly 'event' where writers of all levels attempt to pen a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. This equates to approx 1667 words a day (for those that care for those types of things). Thankfully the challenge is not to write a brilliant, grammatically perfect, wonderfully crafted piece of prose. It is about quantity, not quality... which pretty much goes against the grain for me, and for many others. The idea is to free yourself from constraint, let the words flow, let it lead you where it will. I have no idea how I will go, but the journey is going to be interesting.

I am also getting back on the FMSphotoaday bandwagon, created by FatMumSlim. Just that little moment of creativity every day was a huge help to my overall wellbeing so I need to get back there.

Added to the above is the every looming spectre of the Silly Season. Presents to buy, cards to write, special handmade gifts to create. We are also being to plan some renovations for our new home.

So no pressure, no stress....... o.0

I hope you will join me over the coming month as I battle my self inflicted challenges, I'm thinking it will be a doozy!


Debbi Andersen said...

Good luck with the writing!! I know I can not even attempt it lol I have bombed at the Photo a Day and not even made it through 1 month daily with that! I have 4 large events in NOV so all my time will be spent making product! LOL

I look forward to more updates though!!!

Rebecca said...

Good luck! I am in a constant battle with myself so I know how exhausting and challenging it can be. Lately I have been meeting most of my artistic goals, but I'm only one insecure thought away from falling on my rear. ;-) Looking forward to future updates!