Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heat me up! Cool me down!

So I was sitting here, in Australia, freezing my buns off! Its really cold here at the moment, being that its winter, and I happen to live in one of those places that gets really cold, but without any of the cool stuff, like snow. So I was thinking about ways to get warm, and looking at the fire I have burning and I thought.. 'I wonder if there are flame inspired creations on ArtFire?'. Well of course there are, just like these ones in this cool (or should that be hot?) spotlight.

So then I was thinking that that might be a little unfair on my American friends, seeing as how its coming into Summer there. So I thought maybe I should do another spotlight just for them.

So I warmed myself up, only to cool myself off again!
Drop by ArtFire and have a little browse. Its so much fun to pick a keyword and do a search, you can find all sorts of interesting things.


jennuinecandles said...

Awesome finds!

Glasstastic Treasures said...

No, no, I'll take the flames! lol It's been cold here too! Well, in my area. Great picks though, love them!