Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mini Maybelline Haul

Recently I made a purchase through (which is an Australian site that has sales on items from household goods to clothing to beauty items). A lot of the things I buy are make up, and the prices are amazing. Sometimes the products are discontinued or overruns, and often they come from the US or the UK. Often times they are products that we can't actually get in Australia, and even if we could the prices would be ridiculous.

So today's post is going to be part of one of my recent buys. Some sales are multi brand, so I decided to break it up into brands to do these posts. Today it will be some Maybelline products.

First up we have the Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Fierce and Tangy.

This is a lovely orange, not a colour I normally pick, but I have worn this and it was pretty nice. These are around the $12 mark here in Australia, only you won't find this colour from what I have seen. You can get it in the US for around $6. However I only paid $2 for it via Ozsale. It is drying out a bit, but is still very usable.

Next we have two Color Sensational Lip glosses (not to be confused with the Colour Sensational High Shine Gloss).

You cannot get these in Australia, you can only get the High Shine Gloss for around $8. However they are up on the US version of the Maybelline website for about $6.50. I paid $3 each for these. The two colours are Wine All Mine and Sugared Honey. They are fairly sheer, but not really sticky. They don't last a huge amount of time, but would be great just to slick on when you are running to the shops.

Next up we have three nail polishes from the Colorama range. These are really only available on Ebay and places like that. They are discontinued but they are nail polish!

So we have Icing Sugar, which is a nude shade, a bit on the streaky side even after two coats. Then we have Wonder Violet, absolutely gorgeous purple with a blue shift. And lastly we have Berry Sweet, which is a pink based berry red. I quite like the consistency and they don't smell awful. They dry fairly quickly (although not quickly enough judging by the ding in the last photo) and are nicely shiny even without a top coat. I paid $2 for Wonder Violet and $2 for the other two together (they came in a pack.) They were originally around $5 or $6 each.

If you live in Australia I would really recommend that you check out for yourself. Shipping is $9.95 for each order, but if you make multiple orders at the same time you will often get a discount on that price for orders after the first one. (Did that make any sense?) They don't only do beauty stuff, you can get some great bargains on clothes, candles, toys and gadgets and they have new sales starting every day.

*Opinions in this blog post are mine and mine alone. I do not receive anything from Ozsale for this post. All items were purchased by me.


Mitchypoo said...

Great post! I really like the purple polish, looks great on you.

coltpixy said...

The purple polish is fabulous! I'm always looking for deals too.