Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree - April 3rd

Again I am a little late.. well.. more like 2 weeks late!! But nevertheless I am back again with another of my Sunday Shopping Sprees. This week it is my pleasure to show you the work of a talented woman named Sonja. She is the creative force behind Silver River Jewelry, and the talented lampworker behind Silver River Glass Works.
I have been very privileged to witness the journey Sonja has begun with lampwork beads, and have very much enjoyed watching as her work has developed rapidly over the last year or so. Very soon I hope to add her amazing work to my own hoard.
But without further ado.. let's go have a look at her work.

I have been lusting after this set for quite a while.. Mango Salsa is the perfect name!

These are so lovely and organic! Boro is such an interesting glass

These are a beautiful set. Implosions are quite tricky, as are getting beads of virtually identical size and shape. These are a testament to how well Sonja is doing!

Recently Sonja started creating Chainmaille, as you know, something of an obsession of mine!

I love the uniqueness of this piece!

Sonja also does some wonderful bead weaving pieces.

Such amazing creations!. I urge you to drop by Silver River Glass Works and Silver River Jewelry and check out the rest of her awesome work!

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Deb @ Crysallis said...

oooooo beautiful pieces!!! I think Sonja should flaunt her pieces more often!! yummies....