Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree - Feb 27th

I decided my blog needed a little revival, a little attention. Step one is a new weekly feature called Sunday Shopping Spree. What I am going to do is showcase some fabulous online shops and sellers that I think everyone should go visit. I am very lucky to call a lot of great artisans my friends, and this will be my way of showing them how great I think they are.

This week is a very talented single mum known as Aislinn Marie. She happens to have a couple of ArtFire studios, Serenity Grove and Aislinn's Erotic Jewels. These are both wonderful shops with lots and lots of eye candy. At Serenity Grove you can find a range of handmade soaps, bath salts and lip balms, along with lots of pendants, magnets and stunning chainmaille creations. At Aislinn's Erotic Jewels there is a fabulous range of chainmaille pieces and pendants, many with a BDSM theme. I am always really impressed with the growing talents of this lass, and really urge you to check out what she has available. To whet your palate here are a few of her pieces.


Desert Rubble said...

DeviantArt says tomorrow is your Birthday! happy early Bday!!!!

This will be a wonderful weekly blog topic, I love it, and I love Aislinn's work, it's beautiful!

aislinn said...

thank you so much *hugs* you know i wouldn't be as 'talented' without my talented friends pushing and encouraging me.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

She's awesome :)

rings said...

Lovely pieces, very pretty