Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Handmade Heaven

It is time for another Handmade Artists' Forum blogring featured artisan. This week marks the return of an artisan I have featured before, Larissa from Reef Botanicals. When I first featured her, during the last blog ring, I hadn't really spent that much time interacting with her on HAF, but I have come to realise she is super. She is so multi talented and obviously has a fantastic grasp on her left and right brain. Larissa is a lady who not only makes fantastic handmade soaps and lotions, she also does face painting and she is a lawyer.

Larissa is an amazing supporter of the handmade community, she takes a lot of time every week to really get to know her featured artisans on her blog. I have to wonder how she manages to keep so many balls in the air (yes, ironic, people wonder the same about me).

Now I am somewhat fascinated by handmade soaps and lotions. I dont actually use blocks of soap, I'm a liquid soap and shower gel person, but I love the idea of handmade soaps and will quite happily hoard and admire any that I happen to acquire. I am seriously considering buying some of Reef Botanicals men's line though. I reckon my man would smell pretty awesome after shaving, and there is nothing quite like snuggling into the neck of a freshly shaven, yummy smelling fellow.

Do yourself, your man and your nose a favour and check out Reef Botanicals and their blog.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Creative Combining.

It is time for another Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild blogring featured Smoosher. This week it is Chris Newcomb, better known to me as Eaglehawk (his username on Plurk).

His main material of choice is wood, and he is very talented at working with wood. He mainly scrollsaws, and can produce quite intricate results. Recently he began to experiment with combining polymer clay with his scrollsawed wood items to create a very interesting result. Chris is only too happy to do custom pieces, such as name keyrings, and you can even choose the colour of polymer clay used.

To celebrate being our featured Smoosher Chris is having a 10% off sale, just use the coupon code 10PERCENT when you check out. Be sure to check out his blog whilst you are in his ArtFire studio.
This last picture has no polymer clay, but does show how wonderfully talented Chris is.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

All Knotted Up

This week's Wednesday Wander through ArtFire is with the keyword search 'All Knotted Up' - let's go wander....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Tuscan Dream

I am back again with another Handmade Artists' Forum blogring featured artisan. This week the lucky one is Tuscan Road Designs aka Holly.

Holly was inspired to become a lampwork glass artisan after a trip Murano, Italy, and after learning the art of lampwork for herself through classes, she then taught her teenage son how to lampwork. Eventually she decided to incorporate those handmade beads into jewellery pieces and Tuscan Road Designs was born.

Holly favours asymmetric designs, as well as loving to use Swarovski crystals and gemstones. Her pieces are each a journey through texture and interest, topped off with a delightful use of colour.

As well as maintaining a well stocked Etsy studio, Holly also has a vibrant blog where she promotes other handmade artisans as well as giving us a little glimpse inside her world.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loops of Love

It is time for another Saturday Shopping Spree... of the window shopping variety. Today I visited Etsy and entered the keywords 'Loops of Love'.. let's see what I found...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Interplanetary Domination.

This week's Wednesday Wander is happening on a Thursday, so I guess it makes it Trawl Thursday instead. The theme for this ArtFire window shopping expedition was 'Interplanetary Domination'. Using those keywords was a bit of a flop - so I went looking for Aliens, Invaders and Planets. Let's shop!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creating with Hope.

It is time for another Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild blogring feature. This week's featured Smoosher is CraftyBabyHope aka Jennifer. Considering we share a name and a love of polymer clay how could I not think she's fabulous! We are also a similar age, and both have hypothyroidism.... scary eh? But Jennifer has faced something I have not, miscarriage and fertility issues.
It was these issues that led Jennifer to start selling her creations online through her ArtFire studio - appropriately titled Jewelry for Hope. All profits she makes go towards paying for fertility treatments, which are hideously expensive.
Jennifer has a range of items available in her studio, not just limited to polymer clay. For the purposes of this blog post however I will highlight her wonderful polymer clay creations.
She makes fabulous Kawaii type items, lots of charm type things, you can either buy charms to make pieces yourself or buy ready made items such as phone charms and zipper pulls. She also has earrings, necklaces, brooches and hair accessories. The majority of her pieces are cute and whimiscal and sure to put a smile on your face. She also has some gorgeous figurines, lovingly created out of polymer clay.
In addition to running her ArtFire studio, Jennifer has a fabulous blog where she happily promotes other artisans, and promotes her own creations. She also has some great instructional videos that you can access from her blog. I've actually watched them and I can tell you they are very nicely done.
Whilst Jennifer is relatively new to the Smooshers, she has become a very active and valuable member and an absolute joy to be around.
So drop by her ArtFire, and take a look at her blog - you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eclectic Endeavours

Here we are again with another Handmade Artists' Forum blogring feature artisan. This week our featured artisan is Robin aka helenapuck aka Snips and Snails.
Robin is a very talented and eclectic artisan. Like me, she doesnt settle to just one technique or media. In Snips and Snails - her Etsy shop - you will find like of interesting pieces of jewellery created with different techniques. There are wire wrapped pieces, cross stitched pieces and altered art style pieces.
Robin has been doing cross stitch for six years, including designing patterns for five of those years, and she includes cross stitched designs in some of her jewellery creations. Having done cross stitch myself for many years, including a little bit of design work, I know how time consuming it can be and the skill required to get a great finish. Not to mention the fact she has small children, which present their own challenges to creation.
Robin also has a great blog called Snips and Snails where she presents other handmade artisans as well as showcasing her latest creations.
Drop by Snips and Snails on Etsy and come and read her blog - show your support of handmade.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Delightful and Dreamy.

I am a little later than normal with this particular weekly feature - having a house full of sick kids has thrown my schedule into chaos! But I am here now.
So this week's Handmade Artists' Forum blogring featured artisan is Dream Again Jewelry.
Dream Again Jewelry is powered by Stephenie, a talented artisan out of Modesto, CA. Obviously she makes jewellery, but what is even better is that she makes Chainmaille jewellery, along with other pieces. Those who know me know how much I love Chainmaille! She also does some fantastic wire wrapping. She obviously loves the look of metal, judging by the gorgeous pieces in her Etsy store.
Stephenie also has a fantastic blog where she promotes other handmade artisans, as well as keeping her readers updated on her latest creations.
Drop by Dream Again Jewelry on Etsy, or her blog, also called Dream Again Jewelry, and check out her fabulous creations yourself!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This week's Wednesday Wander through ArtFire is with the keyword search 'Bound'. Come wander with me....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A little bit Sassy!

And I am back after a short illness prompted hiatus to present my next Smoosher feature for our new blogring. This weeks featured Smoosher is Sassy Clay Creations, also known as Dori.

Dori is a very talented polymer clay artist, and one of the kindest women I know. She has a huge heart, and is only too happy to share her knowledge.
In her studio - Sassy Clay Creations - you can see her wonderful, unique and colourful creations. She loves to layer polymer clay, adding interest and texture as well as amazing detail. There are a few of her creations that remind me of the decorations on a gingerbread house! (This is a good thing - I like gingerbread houses) So here is a little sneak peek in her studio.

You should also take a look at her fabulous blog, where she promotes other artisans, presents interesting tutorials and keeps us all updated on her current creative pursuits.