Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All Mimsy Were The Borogoves

It is time for another blog ring post about a wonderful Handmade Artists' Forum member. This week it is Nancy from 'Twas Brillig. I happen to love the Jabberwocky, so I was looking forward to doing this blog post, if only so I could use a line as the title!
Nancy is incredibly talented, and her etsy store - the tulgey wood - features a wonderfully eclectic range of items. There are some fabulous jewellery pieces, and some absolutely amazing artworks, there are even some toys for your pet.
Nancy is also an accomplished photographer, and a visit to her photoblog is well worth it!
Nancy is a great contributor to and supporter of the Handmade Artists' Forum, and the handmade community in general.
You can see more of her great items in her Etsy, and find out more about her on her blog.


trusk4u said...

You wrote a great post! Of course it's easy when you have such a tremendous talent to write about!

Jane Loedding said...

Very nice post! What a talented artist...I love her work!

Speranza Jewelry said...

Wonderful post about a really multi-talented artist!

DreamBubbles said...

Love that you mentioned her pet toys :) she really does master quite the variety of medias. Great post :)

Handmade Artists' Forum said...

You have a way with words! Love Nancy's work Twas is the best. She also has a cool little shop here on the HAFshop!

Thanks for the post Haffina you have been a blessing to us!

Larissa said...

Great post about a great artist!

Nancy said...

Haffina, you're making me blush! Thanks for a lovely write-up. I've been called a 'serial crafter' because I can't stick with just one thing!