Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Handmade Artist's Forum ArtFire Guild.

Not so long ago a new forum, Handmade Artist's Forum, was started by a wonderful guy called Andrew and his partner Kimberley. They started this forum to help Handmade Artists everywhere, regardless of what they made, whether they sold it or not, and where they sold if they did.
I joined up fairly early on in the life of the forum, and was honoured with a position as a moderator. Recently HAF has started an Etsy team and now an ArtFire Guild.
So I am going to do a little promotion of this guild. I am a member of the HAF ArtFire Guild with my BeadsByHaffina studio, and although it is a new guild it is gaining members fairly quickly. Now there are more than 9, but less than 18.. and I wanted to do a byhand.me spotlight (or two), but in order to make it relatively fair I have given every current member 2 pics and given three to our wonderful guildmaster - Tora Jewelry - and ended up with three spotlights lol.

So take a look at the wonderful creations from our members and give them all some support.

And please come and join us on the Handmade Artist's Forum, all handmade artists are welcome to come and share their works, themselves and their ideas.


Anonymous said...


These look amazing all together. The HAF members are very talented.


MakinTheBestOfIt said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you joined us and appreciate all the work you've done with the forum. Our members are so talented and they look amazing all together! Thanks again, Kimberly

Brillig! said...

What a sweet post about HAF! Your "collection" presentation is quite lovely! Fitting tribute to the wonderful folks at HAF.

lisianblue said...

Excellent post about HAF, and a beautiful job with those pics from the HAF ArtFire guild members. Thanks for promoting the HAF ArtFire Guild!!! :)

Gravel Road Jewelry said...

What a wonderful feature! You did a beautiful job putting it together, thanks! :)

Beadlady5 said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post--I recently signed onto the HAF and joined the etsy team--now am going to join the artfire guild--thanks for the info! :o)

Lanee' said...

Nice picks! I did not know that the spotlights lead to the rapid cart! so nice =-)

I'm a new member of this group- it's looking like it's going to be a good one!
go us! lol